This site may contain mentions, depictions and/or imagery involving war, death; these range from not-so-graphic to graphic descriptions. There may also be too much philosophizing, too much brooding, and symbols long appropriated by a bunch of losers.

This possibly includes but is not limited to the Iron Cross, for which a bunch of groups still use today (e.g. biker gangs) but which also, extremely understandably, is very much traumatic for others (e.g. survivors and their descendants of violence from fascists.) However, even the Anti-Defamation League says that care is needed to understand context and that's where this site will try to come from as well, with regards to these symbols.

I also don't think I have to remind folks that World War I ≠ World War II, but I've met people who have...gotten confused, to be polite, so you'll forgive me for erring on the side of caution.

If the aforementioned content bothers you, definitely check out another site and may you have a nice day. If you come into this site despite the warnings and get mad, that's on you! My house, My rules.

Naturally, due to some of the themes mentioned above, you should be at least 12+ in your country of origin to access this site. If you're not, I don't know, I'm not your mother, good luck navigating.


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