Where have all the graveyards gone...gone to flowers, everyone

This page is dedicated to all the non-comics media appearances for Hans. Given his obscurity, it's basically like, two appearances so far. I could always be wrong of course, as I'd love to find more. In the meantime, please enjoy these cameos!

Almost every place lists another appearance by Hans in "Mitefall," the last episode of The Brave and the Bold. But unless I'm severely blind, he's nowhwere to be found. Considering that Tim Eldred placed his character sheet under "villains" on his site, and the cameos seen in the last episode are from superheroes...Either someone made a mistake and thus the entire internet decided to just run with it instead of cross-referencing and verifying it OR again, I am blind and need someone to point him out to me. I am leaning towards the first option, given my experience with cross-referencing anything comic-related and constantly finding errors.


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