Flight Plan

pictures before a flight signals death!

I have tried my best to credit the source for these and save the image at the best resolution afforded at the time. ALL ART POSTED HERE WILL HAVE ARTIST NAME AND LINK, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. If the art isn't on here, it's because I couldn't find either info but I have it saved, possibly.

Commissions that contain personalization (by this, I mean that it's made out to a person whose name is mentioned), I've opted to either not post them here (though I have saved them) or use the little widget as provided by sites like Comic Art Fans. Something weird about posting stuff that has other people's name on it on here, as if I have ownership or something--but some of these commissioners posted it publicly, so I figure the widget's the best of both worlds.

If you are an artist who doesn't wish to see your art here, or you are a commissioner who didn't want their piece spread beyond their public place, then please contact me post-haste and I will happily take them down.

Due to the amount of images and artists involved with Hans, I have decided to divide this into sections. Please peruse below at your pleasure.

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Official Artists (in some order of publication work)

joe kubert (1965-1972; 1976)

neil adams (1969)

russ heath (1970)

frank thorne (1974)

ed davis (1977)

larry hama (1978)

howard chaykin (1978-1979)

john severin (1981-1982)

Post-Kanigher "canonical" era (in some order of publication work)

john byrne (1989)

george pratt (1990)

tim truman (1998)

chris weston (2001)

✠ ✠ ✠ ✠ ✠


A bunch of these people should also draw Hans officially, just sayin'

Fanart From Across The Web

You love him! You really, really love him!


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