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As such, this section isn't that big. I provide links and proper credits as best as I can, along with warnings. Warnings come either from the author themselves (and thus left alone) or from myself, if the author hasn't provided any. Caution mine more, if you wish, since I tend to err on "more is safer." I also list any and all fic I find, so if there's one here that's not to your taste, there are plenty more. If you don't like any of them, well then, if you can't say something nice, don't say it at all owo)7

No fics will be reprinted here in full, unless the original site has gone down with no forwarding address. As such, I may likely upload the fic in full in a separate page for archival reasons.

If you are an author who doesn't wish to see your fic here, then please contact me post-haste and I will happily take them down. This also applies to the archival reason above.

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The Hammer of Hell
Hans, one appearance by his sister Ingrid and their father, and...Chuck Yeager. (We're not kidding.)
Crossover fic, published on August 26, 1999 ( and January 1, 2001 (AO3) with 2 chapters. COMPLETED This story is archived on behalf of Dannell Lites, who passed away in 2002, with the permission of her family. Posting date approximate.
WARNINGS: language and violence. NC-17. (author provided); referring to Hans as the Enemy Ace as codename (webmistress provided, because she's insane)
Enemy Ace, Hans Von Hammer, faces his most skilled and unusual foe!
The Brave and the Bold 1: Green Lantern and Enemy Ace
by Chaos Agent | read on
Hans and Alan Scott (Golden Age Green Lantern)
DC Crossover fic, published on October 13, 2009, ONE-SHOT
WARNINGS: usage of triplanes in World War II (and I wouldn't count this specific triplane either); referring to Hans as the Enemy Ace as codename; a bit of violence; mixing a World War I pilot with all his pertinent details and environment reproduced in World War II without stating it's an alternate history take or something (webmistress provided...I'm not going to be mean because I hate being mean but I mention these because they stood out to me.)
Based on the classic DC Comics title, the first of a weekly feature. World War II legends Alan Scott Green Lantern and Hans Von Hammer Enemy Ace have to work together even though they are from two separate sides of the war.
Just a Jaunt
by Murasaki99 | read on AO3
Hans, Kent Allard (The Shadow), and the author's two original characters: Ann Coppre (a were-unicorn) and Tip Blue Fox (a fox spirit)
Crossover fic, published on September 9, 2020 with 6 chapters. COMPLETED
WARNINGS: Some cussing, minor injury description (author provided)
A kitsune, a were-unicorn, and The Shadow take a little jaunt in a WW I style vintage aircraft. The Great War is long over, so what possible danger could there be?

It is 2020, and Kent Allard, the original identity of The Shadow, has decided to test out a WW I era aircraft, taking his friends Ann Coppre, the were-unicorn, and Tip the kitsune along for the ride. It's a nice day, the sun is shining, and this part of the world is relatively tranquil.

We should perhaps mention The Shadow is a "strange attractor" by himself, while Ann and Tip have had experiences ranging from meddling in elvish politics to fending off Lovecraftian horrors.
the deed of grace amid the roar
by princegrantaire | read on AO3
Hans, Andre de Savigne (The Hangman)
Canon divergent fic, published on January 20, 2022. ONE-SHOT. Takes place during Star Spangled War Stories (1952) #140, and von Hammer's shell shock-induced flashback with the fireworks is from Star Spangled War Stories #138.
WARNINGS: Depiction of shell shock. (author provided) In addition, for those who need such a warning, features M/M. (webmistress provided)
They are things that are dead, Hans and the Hangman. In the quiet of his borrowed room, it seems true. Ghosts of myth or dark imaginings of the boys in the trenches, whose solid reality is punctuated by red mouths and red wounds and touch and mud and tired young faces. Up in the killer skies, he knows his comrades by insignia or wing colour and never smiles or winter-storm eyes.

It’s why the Hangman’s touch had lingered so, as if he’d been branded where they’d clung to each other in the treacherous waters of the English Channel.
dared with me high secrets (and in darkness knelt to see)
by princegrantaire | read on AO3
Hans, Steve Savage (Balloon Buster)
Canon divergent fic, published on June 29, 2022. ONE-SHOT. Takes place during Unknown Soldier (1977) #267 but uses Steve's magnificent design from Star Spangled War Stories (1952) #18.
WARNINGS: Making out, class differences. (author provided) In addition, for those who need such a warning, features M/M. (webmistress provided)
It’s an idea Steve has spent long rebelling against; too conscious of the whispers that had followed him out of the trenches and into the cockpit, the jeers, the way he’d heard every superior officer he’d ever had call him white trash like it didn’t matter none that he’d taken down more balloons than anyone in the whole goddamned war. Baron Hans von Hammer, on the other hand, got the respect afforded by his title and the awards to go along with it. Even then, he might’ve glimpsed something of a kinship between men so distant from their peers back when Steve still lacked the guts to admit it to himself.

(A stolen moment during Unknown Soldier #267.)


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