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Höllenreiter: an Enemy Ace fansite
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:: ✠ Code Sources

DReadMore - javascript plugin for read more functions!

Fool Lovers -- Japanese site where you can find lots of web things, including templates. It's what this site uses!

Nanogallery -- if you wish lightbox were easier and you also suffer from too-busy-am-always-tired-inits, then this is for you!

How to connect your static site to RSS - -as it says on the tin can

video.js -- open source HTML5 video player

mobile code for internet archive flipbooks! -- from scumsuck, who figured out how to make them responsive!

:: ✠ War Sources

Over The Front: The League of WWI Aviation Historians -- German Ranks

International Encyclopedia of the First World War

:: ✠ Other War Comics Sites

Someday I'll get through all of Blackhawks but in the meantime, why don'tcha check out this very nifty site that has oodles and oodles of information (and ART!) dedicated to that fightin' squadron.

:: ✠ Comic Sources

Some of these sites are their archived version, due to the ethereality of the internet. As such, not all the pages may work.

The Grand Comics Database (GCD)

Comic Book Database

Don Markstein's Toonopedia

The Enemy Ace biography

League of Super Geeks

:: ✠ Other DC Comics Sites

Adam Arnold's Vanishing Point -- DC's time heroes are some of my faves, and it was very cool to find this site tucked away behind many Google searches! It's a little wonky to navigate, though the webmaster himself says that it's due to their archival nature rather than an updated, living site. So, mind the quirks!

DC in the 80s: the webzine for DC comics fans from the 80s -- as it says on the tin, a webzine dedicated to all things DC Comics from that halcyon era of the 1980s! They got a cool-lookin' actual printed zine going! - The Unofficial Elseworlds Homepage -- another "says it on the tin" website, this time for DC's alternate timeline: Elseworlds! I place this here more for a journey through old web, since the news section is the only part that seems to work. The database is a cool function, but doesn't seem to work, no matter what I do. That, or I'm using it wrong, so who knows. Personally, I think if this site gets updated again, it would be a boon for everyone.

DC FANZINE -- "Since the end of August 1996 production of the DC FANZINE began. It now features columns, articles, interviews all about DC Comics, and a Comic Book Links page (for any comic related page) all by the wonderful staff." I thought it was best to just copy/paste that first line from their About page. As you may tell by the URL, this is an archived copy of their original Geocities page (RIP Geocities.) So anything outside, like their Wizard World forums, are non-existent at this rate. But this is a cool thing to check out, and I hope to be able to link in other sections whatever Hans stuff they may have!

DC Cosmic Teams! -- despite the name of the site, DC Cosmic Teams appears to cover ALL teams from the DC repertoire. It's been around 1993, so I suspect that originally it was about all the actual cosmic or cosmic-adjacent teams (there's a lot involving the Legion of Superheroes!) before it expanded to all teams (Easy Company's on there!) It also has a section for obscure characters or teams. Pretty neat site, frankly! Easy to spend an entire day on there, given its in-depth write-up and source linking.

The Quality Companion Companion -- "This blog appends my work on the Quality Companion book. Here you'll find additional research and articles, things that didn't make the cut, and more!" Enough said, I suppose. Check out the book here!

Helena Wayne Huntress -- I should have had this site on here since the beginning. I've known about it for years, I just...completely forgot! As it says on the tin, a site dedicated to Pre-Crisis Huntress, though the webmistress also delves into Helena Bertinelli once in a while. The site hasn't been updated since October 2021 but the related podcast is still chugging along!

BOOSTERRIFIC -- Much like the site above, I should have had this one linked ages ago, because I also knew about it for many years. The JLI is one of my favorite teams ever and Booster's presence is part of that. This was actually one of the sites I analyzed as a basis for this site! We both are deranged about our favorite underrated character, after all, and it's a great dense source, organized nicely. ^_^

HAWKWORLD -- a website dedicated to everything Hawkman and Hawkgirl! A little hard to navigate because there's just so much and the way this Wordpress setup seems to work, it may be a theme that works better on mobile. (I had an easier time navigating on my phone, is my evidence.) But worth your time if you're interested in the two heroes!

Supergirl: the Life and Times of Kara Zor-El -- a site dedicated to the Supergirl of the Pre-Crisis era. I love the organization behind each era and interpretation of the character, and you can tell it's written by someone who holds the character close to their heart. The entire writing on the site almost sounds more like from the 1990s than from nowadays. (Then again, I have no idea when this was made, there's no real clear indicia. True anonymity?!)

Supergirl: Maid of Might

-- another Supergirl site, this time much more fancy-looking, and dedicated to all the versions of the character from the comics, right up to the New 52 reboot. (Though some of the galleries have stuff from post 2011?) This site is absolutely dense as HECK, and has oodles of images and info. The site has not been updated since 2020, however.

:: ✠ Friends, Buddies, Pals and Acquaintances

Station Arcadia: A Leijiverse fansite

If you like anything Leiji Matsumoto related, consider checking out Linky's site!

:: ✠ Link exchanges

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