We shall stop the wars on those afternoons in utopia

I have this here because it's for...random stuff.

Yeah, I had a plan for this page and I forgot, would you believe it. In the meantime, please enjoy my random stuff dumps.

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Enjoy this fancast I did a few years ago. Like most people, I think, I first saw Stephen Moyer on True Blood -- and while I laughed my butt off at some of the episodes I caught randomly on TV once (in contrast to everyone swooning and aaahing at the time of airing), I couldn't stop staring at Moyer. I was basically sitting there doing this:

Yo what is Hans doing there???

Even now, I still think he's the perfect Hans. His voice is decent enough as well, though nowadays he's rocking the grey hair and yes, he can still do Hans. JUST MAKE THE OLDER HANS MOVIE LOL. If this were an alternate timeline where wishes were made instant movies, I could have had a Moyer-cast movie.

Actually that would be a bad idea considering some other folks' wishes, so maybe that particular timeline is a bad idea LMAO

Anyway, here's the small collage I did. Enjoy.


I don't tend to do these for Hans, but when I do, I make sure it's the fun ones lol. This one is a good picrew because it has elements close to his design. Here's the original picrew. Here's some info on what picrews are.

deviantArt stamp

Y'all remember when stamps used to be huge on deviantArt? Me too. Many years ago, I made one for our resident pilot. I'm posting it here, so folks can use it whenever. Just link back to credit. Happy Stamping!

Original DA stamp


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