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Welcome to HÖLLENREITER, a fansite for the character Hans von Hammer from DC Comics' ENEMY ACE. My wish for this site is to have an all one stop for fellow fans of some German pilot who really needs to stop drinking so much coffee with booze. You can read about my other wish for the fansite here, if you wish!

Due to my schedule, this will be a slow and careful endeavour, so I ask for your patience and understanding as the site is filled out or the kinks are worked out. The title for this site means "Hellrider" in German, and I took the name from the Judas Priest song of the same name.

War Logs

Added a sitemap to this shebang. I already had a xml file for it, but meh, can't be too bad to have both a normal html and xml version.
2023.09.01 -- PART DEUX
LOL I forgot that I added a new section in the links page! Basically a small coding resource section, since I realize I never gave credit for all the stuff I'm using. Hope you enjoy!
Lesson numbah wan when dealing with me: never trust that I don't get distracted from my plans. Because instead of doing the previous ME thing I said I'd do, I instead filled out the appearances page!
...Well, I also cleaned it up because while Hans has very few appearances, I think it's better if each entry had its own page due to the amount of info for each one, unline the the miscellaneous page. Though who knows, maybe one day I'll clean up that one again.
So go and check out the appearances page! Really, only one entry out of two has been written but I hope you enjoy!


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